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All levels include gifts listed above it as well.

  • Good Nachas (Pride and happiness). ($18).
  • Signed Jewish Jet postcard + all of the above. ($54).
  • Social media/newsletter shout out + all of the above. ($180).
  • Name on website + all of the above ($360).
  • Signed Jewish Jet T-shirt + all of the above. ($540).
  • Shout out on TV at a televised race + all of the above ($1,080).

    All Donations are Tax Deductible
    Partnerships and donations go directly towards my season’s costs, and in the USA are tax-deductible, benefiting the Israel Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. As a partner, you will be a part of this unique journey with me.

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